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Device Hardware Architecture (SoC, Key components Selection) New-Technologies scouting and sourcing, component suppliers negotiations. Schematics Diagrams (high and low levels); Schematics library component creation (IBIS, PSPICE models assign, etc.) PCB library Symbols (mask, paste, assembly drawings, STEP* models, etc.) CAD Tools capabilities: Schematics: Allegro Design Entry HDL , OrCad Capture, Altium Designer SCH. PCB Layouting: OrCAD PCB Professional, Cadence Allegro Perf. L, Altium Designer PCB, PADS (for review purpose) Design Capabilities:

Materials Core/Prepreg Dk, Df analysis; Layer stack Definition; Design Rules/ Constraints definition and Tracking (Length tuning, Propagation delay, Impedance Control Zdiff / Z0, Trace/Space, BB/Buried Vias, DDR X-nets for T-topology tracers, EMC knowledge) Signal Integrity Simulation: Tools OrCAD / Allegro SI/PI / Mentor HyperLinks Power Integrity (AC up to 10 Ghz, DC) DFM: OrCad PCB Pro, Altium DFM check Fabrication outputs: Gerbers/Drills/ODB++ Panelization, Fabrication Drawing, Documentation.

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